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See Mrs. Sparklesí latest adventures.
Hi Sparkle Rangers! Want to know what Iíve been up to? Then click the TV below to see me sparkle. To check out past sparkle-riffic events, just click the pictures to the right.

The Mrs. Sparkles Show
A modern-day Mr. Rogers with a lot more spunk, Mrs. Sparkles is a children's
sing-along live entertainer committed to "sparkle-izing the world -- one child at a time." Through educational songs designed to get children singing and moving, she teaches children that adding sparkle to someone else's day (through kind acts or thoughtful words) comes back in a great big way! An expert in early childhood education, Mrs. Sparkles uses her dazzling personality, delightful voice, and considerable insight to engage children through music and fun, teaching valuable lessons that will enrich children's lives while bringing a little sparkle to our world.